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204MDPE2 credit 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 29 to 39 hours of self-study English summer

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Branislav MAZÚCH

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In this course, students will be introduced to different mechanisms of being or existing on the stage or performative

space. Emphasis is placed on understanding the different levels of (stage) presence in performing and how to

access “being in the moment”. Stage presence in this course is considered to be more than just the energy or charisma needed to captivate the audience on stage; we go deeper than just the performative quality of being on stage and delve into the experience of being present and what that means for each individual and how to create these moments of presence that are authentic and lasting beyond the time limits of a single performance. In other words, it is a research into becoming in tune with ourselves on stage or in performative situations and how to encourage and extract this state of being from others. Students will practice the implementation and creation of developing tasks and performative situations which explore the potential and awareness of being present as performers, audience, and oneself. The students will develop their own methods and strategies to unlock the creative potential of authentic states of being and presence both on and off stage.

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Prerequisites and other requirements



-Thinking no one's thought by Maaike Bleeker

-Recipes for being with things by Sodja Lotker

-Art, Anthropology and the Gift by Robert Sansi

Evaluation methods and criteria

Work during the semester, active participation in the course. The minimum attendance at the course is 75%.



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