History and transformations of theatre criticism 2

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207VPD2 ZK 3 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To introduce the main stages and tendencies of Euro-American theatre critique in a wide artistic and societal context. To point out procedures, conditions and surroundings of theatre critique practice in individual periods and consider the historical and current role of arts critique and its changes.

Mode of study

Discussion, text analyses, papers, independent research.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements: Considering that part of the required literature is not available in Czech, knowledge of English and, if possible, another language at the A2 level is recommended.

Course contents

This course focuses on the rise and development of European theatre critique in relation to the rise of professional journalism and consideration of the wider European arts and social context. Emphasis is placed on individual types of theatre critiques - romantic, impressionistic, research, urban, academic, etc. - and their key representatives (W. Hazlitt, J. Janin, H. Taine, Sainte-Beuve, F. Sarcey, G.B. Shaw, W. Archer, K. Tynan, B. Dort, R. Brustein, E. Bentley, etc.).

Recommended or required reading

The basic study materials are period theatre critiques by important European persons (William Hazlitt, Fracisque Sarcey, Emile Zola, G.B. Shaw and others) and also the „manifests“ of those critics covering the authority and obligations of the theatre critic and, finally, the aim and mission. Specific materials are assigned with consideration of students language abilities.

Assessment methods and criteria

To receive credit 80% class attendance (two absences are tolerated), joining in discussions and a paper on an assigned topic are necessary. If needed partial tasks may be assigned (research, comparative analysis, etc.).

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