Basics of Theatre Research 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
207ZTK2 ZK 3 2T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Pavel BÁR

Name of lecturer(s)

Pavel BÁR

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mode of study

Research, development and analysis of source material, discussions on the research course and results, review of research and gradual creation of a professional study.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements.

Course contents

The Fundamentals of Theatrology Research 2 course directly continues the so named course from the previous semester and equips the student with further essential professional knowledge and skills necessary for their further theatrology practice in higher-institutional learning (including academic publication), and subsequent practice.

Students, under the guidance of the instructor, independently execute further steps in their own basic theatrological research which in the second part of the semester culminates with the writing of a longer-length field study (approx. 15 pgs), using previous research, acquired material, their analysis, commentary and other writing outputs. In class discussion, results of work are commented on, students learn to present their work, mutually critique, argue and defend.

Topic range:

  1. Characterization of directing and stage interpretation.
  2. List of music, choreography and other elements of a stage piece.
  3. Theatre staging in the context of the period of its creation.
  4. Theatrology research methods.
  5. Formulation of hypotheses and their testing.
  6. Basic structure of a professional paper
  7. Discussion on selected professional texts.
  8. Presentation of professional work.
  9. Argument and Defense of professional work.

Recommended or required reading

Doporučená literatura:

ECO, Umberto. Jak napsat diplomovou práci. Olomouc: Votobia, 1997. ISBN 80-7198-173-7.

HENDL, Jan. Kvalitativní výzkum: základní teorie, metody a aplikace. Praha: Portál, 2016. ISBN 978-80-262-0982-9.

Kde končí umění a začíná věda, a naopak? Sborník prací z konference pořádané u příležitosti 60. výročí založení Akademie múzických umění v Praze, dne 23. října 2006 v Praze. Praha: Akademie múzických umění v Praze ve spolupráci s Centrem základního výzkumu AMU & MU, 2007. ISBN 978-80-7331-084-4.

KOTTE, Andreas. Divadelní věda: úvod. Praha: KANT pro AMU v Praze, 2010. ISBN 978-80-7437-019-9.

MIOVSKÝ, Michal, Ivo ČERMÁK a Vladimír CHRZ. Umění ve vědě a věda v umění: metodologické imaginace. Praha: Grada, 2010. ISBN 978-80-247-1707-4.

Assessment methods and criteria

An essential requirement for completing the course is a minimun of 70% attendance.

Grading results:

Submission of assigned papers on time - 20%.

Class discussion participation - 20%.

Final paper - 40%.

Oral exam - respectively, defense of paper - 20%.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

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Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

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