New digital ways of distribution of audiovisual projects

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305MNDD2 credit 2 English, Czech summer

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Introduction to New Digital Opportunities for Creation and Distribution of Audiovisual Projects – AI, Film3, Metaverse. The course includes a workshop on creating your own cinema in the metaverse – example (students will create a cinema and have it online).

1.AI - Explanation of the term, categorization, the importance of correct prompt formulation, practical examples of programs and their outcomes, with student engagement.

2.Film3 and the US Film Market - Definition, introduction to global figures and existing Film3 projects, trends in the US film industry.

3.Metaverse - Explanation, list of platforms, focus on metaverse suitable for audiovisual presentation.

4.Practical Workshop - Creation of a personal virtual cinema (for each student or groups) + a online screening in the metaverse.

Learning outcomes

The course aims to introduce students to the latest technologies in AI-assisted creation, virtual distribution, and new trends in the American film industry. By completing this course, students will gain basic knowledge and understanding of the topic. Additionally, they will practically create their own cinema in the metaverse, providing an opportunity to showcase their own work.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Basic computer literacy. Considering the creation of cinema, it is advisable for the student to have already completed an AV exercise or other work that will be shown in the metaverse cinema. We will use Discord app


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Evaluation methods and criteria

Test of acquired knowledge + evaluation of the created cinema


Curriculum vitae of the lecturer:

Kristina Weiserova aka 113kw – audiovisual and 3d artist, filmmaker, metaverse architect, event organizer, journalist, studied Palacky University – film & theater history,

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