Cultural Topography of Prague 2

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311CTP2 Z 1 25S English summer

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All has changed, incl. the course (sub)title. There are no walks in Prague, no visits to museums this Spring term. During the COVID-19 quarantine students work independently on their mini-photo series.

Mode of study

Participants under their teacher’s guidance take pictures of their daily life and observations in the times of corona. Doesn’t matter whether they use DSLRs, mirrorless or just cellphone cameras - the most important is the honesty of the images.

They regularly sent pictures via e-mail or computer file transfer services to the teachers, who selects carefully compact series each approx. a week and posts them on Facebook FAMU International page/Instagram.

Pictures are credited by students’ names and preferably also accompanied by few lines of text.

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Course contents

Students send photographs reflecting their life during the Corona times. Teacher provides them with feedback or additional requests (regarding the images or the caption).

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Assessment methods and criteria

Upon regular delivery of photographs. Students are expected to submit pictures approximately on weekly manner.

Students will be granted with the pass grade in the mid of June 2020 latest.



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This course is an elective for all AMU students

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