Graduation Project 1

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311GRA1 Z 5 English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Research and writing of the script for thel Graduation Project which is shot during the Spring semester.

Mode of study

For directing and cinematography students, this project will be supervised by the mentor who will provide feedback on the script and preproduction.

Screenwriting students will have a tutorial with their mentor in which various drafts and writing assignments will be discussed.

This project will be consulted once or twice a week by the mentor.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Successful completion of the first two study years.

For Screenwriting students, either Feature Screenwriting Project 2, or Dramatic Writing Project 2 must be completed as finished first draft of a feature script, so that this script may be used as a foundation for rewrites during Graduation Project 1 and 2.

Course contents

For Directing and Cinematography students, the focus will be on research for the script, and preproduction for Graduation Project 2. Students get support from various faculties to receive multiple feedback.

For students of Scriptwriting, the task will be to select either their completed Feature Screenwriting Project or their Dramatic Writing Project and to complete the first rewriten draft of this selected project, in preparation for the final draft in Graduation Project 2.

First pitch: TBS, approx. mid of November

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Assessment methods and criteria

The supervising tutor will evaluate the Project and determine whether or not the student may continue with Graduation Project 2.



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