Soundtrack Aesthetics

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311SAE Z 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 29 to 39 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To be able to more clearly 'read' the soundtrack of a film.

To use some of the same techniques within your own projects.

Mode of study

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Ideally Introduction to the Soundtrack 1 or prior experience with creating soundtracks/music in a digital environment.

Course contents

This course on the soundtrack will focus on viewing/listening to primarily narrative feature films and analyzing their various approaches to constructing the soundspace.

We will also read theoretical texts on the soundtrack and film music and see how today's technology has made much of older existing theory somewhat redundant.

In many classes we will watch a single film, stopping and starting it and using it as a basis for both technical and aesthetic discussions: „how did they do this and why“?

The course will begin with a basic introduction including theory & elements of the soundtrack; how sound is represented in film through dialogue, narration, music, foley, ambient sound, sound effect/sound design. We will then introduce the technical elements used to shape the soundsspace including volume, reverberation and equalization.

We will then use this basic understanding to deconstruct various filmmaker's goals and desires in choosing to make scenes sound a certain way.

No prior sound experience is necessary but you will be expected to focus closely on listening and hearing films.

Recommended or required reading

Assessment methods and criteria

Class attendance & participation 20%

1 page analysis of any film watched in class 20%

4 page analysis of any film watched in class 30%

Research and presentation on a film to be watched in class 30%

(each week a student will collaborate in leading the discussions on a film we will present based on his or her research)



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