Academic Subject for Composition (Mg) film music - required elective

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
101PTSK1 Advanced techniques of contemporary composition 1 English, Czech Thu
Z 3 2PT+1CT
101PTSK2 Advanced techniques of contemporary composition 2 English, Czech ZK 3 2PT+1CT
186ETM1 Ethnomusicology 1 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST
186ETM2 Ethnomusicology 2 Czech Thu
Učebna 2026
Z 1 2PT
308PTFIZ1 Film Sound Technology and Methods 1 Czech Tue
Room No. 318
Z 1 2T
308PTFIZ2 Film Sound Technology and Methods 2
Czech ZK 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
101HKS5 Historical Study Composition 5 Czech Z 1 1T
101HKS6 Historical Study Composition 6 Czech Z 1 1T
101IMPE Improvisation and Performance English, Czech ZK 2 15DS ZK 2 15DS
101IP Instrumental Training English, Czech Z 1 1CT Z 1 1CT
102ZD3 Introduction to Conducting 3 Czech Z 1 1T
102ZD4 Introduction to Conducting 4 Czech Z 1 1T
101UMAX Introduction to Max Programming English, Czech Mon
Z 1 1PT+1CT Z 1 1PT+1CT
171ZPS Introduction to Studio Recording English, Czech Tue
Učebna Zvukové studio
Z 2 2PT+2CT Z 2 2PT+2CT
108HK1 Music Criticism 1 Czech Thu
Učebna 2017
Z 1 1+1/T
108HK2 Music Criticism 2 Czech ZK 1 1+1/T
108HD1 Music Dramaturgy 1 Czech Tue
Učebna 2057
Z 1 1PT+1ST
108HD2 Music Dramaturgy 2 Czech ZK 1 1PT+1ST
108DHN Music History after 1950 Czech ZK 2 2PT
101INII1 Orchestration II. 1 English, Czech Tue
Z 3 1PT+1CT
101INII2 Orchestration II. 2 English, Czech ZK 3 1PT+1CT
308ZRH Sound Direction of Musical Recordings Czech
Z 1 6S
100STUDIO Studio N English, Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST Z 1 1PT+1ST