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Study plan Stage Design - Costumes and Masks (M.A.) – 2nd year

Study of qualification: Stage Design
Study type: Continuing Master's Programme
Study plan: overall | 1st year | 2nd year | simplified
tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Required main subjects
Costume and Mask 203KOM3 ZK 10 8T 203KOM4 ZK 10 8T
Minimal number of credits per semester 10 10
Required subjects
History of Stage and Costume Design
203DSK3 Z 4 2T 203DSK4 ZK 4 2T
Graduation Theses Seminar 1 203DSE1 Z 1 1T
Technology of Costume Making
203KTM3 ZK 4 1T 203KTM4 ZK 4 1T
Drawing and Painting
203KLM3 Z 3 4T 203KLM4 ZK 3 4T
Implementation Practice
203RPR3 Z 3 60S 203RPR4 Z 3 60S
Minimal number of credits per semester 14 15
Total number of set credits 24 25
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects 6 5
Total recommended number of credits per semester 30 30

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