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The course will familiarise students with a variety of technical and stylistic English

language considerations, with a practical focus on the music industry.

Presentations will take place during seminars 2, 3 and 4.

Forma studia

Čtení a analýza textu, poslech, výklad a procvičování gramatických a lexikálních struktur, diskuse.

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Obsah kurzu

Seminar 1 - 10.10.2014

Personal information - detailed CV, cover letter, project presentation- written and oral

. CVs - what to include and not to include, how to present information, formatting,

culture-specific and industry-specific considerations

. Cover letter - purpose, style, content, matching with CV

. Project presentation - structure, clarity, executive summary

Formal oral presentation - project, concert, conference problem solving, discussion

. Elements of a presentation

. Preparation - identifying aims, know your audience, planning, timing, practical


. Format

. Structure

. Language - style of language; vocabulary: introductions, bridging, closing, inviting


. Non-verbal communication - intonation, eye contact, engaging the audience

. Audio-visual aids

. Incorporating data

. Fielding questions

Seminar 2 - October 31

Academic writing - formal language, electronic as well as mail communication: invitation

and confirmation letter, communication with sponsors and patrons, auspices request

. Features of formal and informal writing

. Choosing the appropriate style for the medium - letters & emails

. Using positive and neutral language

Grants -European culture grants - forms, applications, presentations, project summary

. Understanding forms and guidelines

. Identifying essential, non-essential and desirable criteria

. Completing forms and applications successfully

Seminar 3 - November 14

Legal aspects of the Music industry - contracts, penalties and forfeitures, author's rights in

EU, UK, USA, remuneration issues

. The elements of contracts

. Key contract vocabulary

. Interpreting contract clauses

. Identifying and avoiding potential ambiguities

. Understanding and discussing authors' rights/copyright/intellectual property

. Relevant vocabulary

. Business vocabulary relating to remuneration, revenue streams, royalties, etc.

Seminar 4 - December 12

Marketing -Internet marketing, new marketing forms, marketing in arts, crowd funding,

cluster fund-raising in Europe and overseas, (sponsorship), reviews writing

. Elements of good marketing copy

. Presenting key messages

. Addressing multiple audiences

. Evaluating and writing reviews

. Writing for websites, social media and crowdfunding

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Course materials

All materials will be supplied or made available via Scribd, Soundcloud or Youtube.

The Berklee Music Business Handbook, which is free to download, will be used for some

parts of the course.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria



There will be a formal presentation on a topic relevant to the course. This may be a

relevant professional or academic project the students are undertaking.

The presentation should be10-15 minutes long (questions and audio or video do not count

towards the target time).

Presentations must: -

. show evidence of planning, preparation and structure, supported by a brief written

outline to be submitted before presenting

. include some visual aids (with audio and/or video desirable)

. have some numerical element

. include an opportunity for questions, either during the presentation or at the end.

Written assignment

The written assignment will include multiple written materials discussed in the course.

This will include:

. marketing materials introducing a musical act

. a review

. a sample email

. a website feature for a crowdfunding site encouraging financial support

. an invitation to sponsors to an event.

As with the oral presentation, the written assignment may relate in part or entirely to a

related professional or academic project.


The required attendance is 70%

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