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Study plan Directing and Dramaturgy for Alternative and Puppet Theatre – 3rd year

Study programme: Dramatic Arts
Study type: Bachelor's Programme
Study plan: overall | 1st year | 2nd year | 3rd year | simplified
tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Povinné předměty hlavní
Work on Performance 204IRT5 ZK 12 12T 204IRT6 ZK 12 12T
Directing and Dramaturgy 204RDV5 ZK 6 6T 204RDV6 ZK 6 6T
Minimal number of credits per semester 18 18
Required subjects
Human Body Throughout History 204TLH3 Z 1 2T 204TLH4 ZK 2 2T
Consultation Work for Bachelor Exam 204KPB1 Z 1 1T 204KPB2 Z 1 1T
Literary Preparation 204LEP5 Z 2 2T 204LEP6 ZK 2 2T
Puppetness and Puppetlikeness 1 204LOL1 ZK 1 2T
Modern Theatre and its Double 204MDD4 ZK 2 2T
Contemporary Forms of Alternative Theatre 204PAD2 ZK 1 2T
Specifics of the Puppet Theatre 1 204LDS1 Z 1 2T
Minimal number of credits per semester 8 6
Total number of set credits 26 24
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects 4 6
Total recommended number of credits per semester 30 30