Thesis Preparation Seminar II. 2

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101DISE2 credit 2 1 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 40 to 50 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student acquires new impulses and insights leading in particular to the refinement of the phrasing of their texts. Furthermore, the student is able to reflect critically on the issue under study and to develop his/her own views and solutions.

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Learning objectives:

The course is compulsory for students who are defending the theoretical part of their Master´s thesis in a given academic year. It is recommended for all other students who are engaged in theoretical research and, in particular, are preparing to publish their results. It involves the presentation of one's own theoretical research, particularly related to the theoretical thesis, followed by a discussion. The course provides a platform for ongoing critical reflection on the theoretical output of composition students. Critical reflection is particularly applied to the unfinished texts in order to arrive at new perspectives on the issues under study and to refine their phrasing.

Recommended or required reading

Recommended bibliography:

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit examination is awarded on the basis of attendance (at least 70 % of the announced dates), activity at the seminar and the elaboration and presentation of partial outputs of the prepared Master´s thesis. For students who defend the theoretical part of the thesis in a given academic year, active performance during the semester is a condition for credit.



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