Preparation of Master´s Thesis

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105PMP credit 2 12 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 41 to 51 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student demonstrates a high level of critical thinking and critical awareness skills. Consistently analyzes, explores, uses, and responds creatively and appropriately to verbal and/or written feedback, ideas, and suggestions from others. Is able and willing to communicate knowledge and ideas in ways other than notation, artistic performance, and/or other musical outputs (recordings, etc.).

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Course contents

The content of the course is the professional supervision of the preparation of the thesis in terms of content and form. Thesis supervisors assist students in processing acquired sources and literature, consulting the procedure of developing the topic into individual chapters and work on individual aspects of the text. An integral part of this is monitoring compliance with citation standards and their use in the professional text, consulting on the creation of visual and textual appendices.

Thematic areas:

  1. Development of the thesis outline, creation of specific chapters
  2. Mastering citation standards and their application in a professional text
  3. Additional selection of sources and literature according to the development of work on the topic
  4. Incorporation of comments into the text according to the instructions of the thesis supervisor
  5. Intensive work on the text development
  6. Elaboration of the image and text appendices of the thesis

Recommended or required reading

Literature and sources will be specified by the instructor based on the topic of the student's Master's thesis.

Assessment methods and criteria

The student receives credit examination on the basis of regular consultations on the collection of documents and the gradual submission of parts of the professional text, which the student has independently developed, to the thesis supervisor and the incorporation of comments according to his instructions.



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