20th Cent. Choreography 1

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107CHD1 Z 3 2T Czech winter

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The course aim is to develop the understanding of contemporary choreograpy procedures and approaches, orientation of the students is the forms of contemporary choreogaphies, changes in expressive tools and creative approaches and the use of modern technology.

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contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

This course requires the completion of Dance Analysis, Video-seminar and history lectures. A good bearing in contemporary dance events is necessary.

Course contents

In the first semester the instruction focuse on changes in the two basic forms aod modern dance arts: the narrative form and pure dance form, which does not depend on extra-dance significance. This follows the changes of both types from the beginning of the 20th century to the present with an effort to find types of development, mutual contexts. The theory presentation in combined with watching video recordings of selected works and their analyses. These are the works of Michail Fokin (Petruška), Antony Tudor (Lilac Garden), Roland Petit (Carmen), Yuriy Grigorovich (The Legend of Love), John Neumeier (Othello), and Mats Ek (The House of Bernard Alba) in the area of narrative dance form. The works of Michail Fokin (Les Sylphides), George Ballanchine (Appolon Musagetes), Roland Petit (The Four Seasons), Jiří Kylián (Whereabouts Unknown) and others for the area of pure dance.

Recommended or required reading

Adshead-Landsdale, Janet ed.: Dancing texts. Intertextuality in Interpretation, London 1999.

Cohen, Selma Jeanne: Next Week, Swan Lake, Connecticut 1982.

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