Electives - recommended for CAS

Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule Completion Credits Range Semester
304KOPR5 Camera Student Screenings 5 Czech Z 2 3T winter
304KOPR6 Cinematography: Screenings 6 Czech Mon
Projection Room
Z 2 3T summer
312PHSR Computer games, society and representation Czech Tue
Room GD-1
ZK 2 28PS summer
301FS Contemporary Trends in Audiovisual Production Czech Z 1 20CS winter
186ETM1 Ethnomusicology 1 Czech Thu
Učebna 2026
Z 1 1PT+1ST summer
186ETM2 Ethnomusicology 2 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST winter
186ETM3 Ethnomusicology 3 Czech Thu
Učebna 2026
ZK 1 1PT+1ST summer
303FS Festival Strategy Czech Wed
Room No. 217
Z 2 16SS summer
304FITE Film Technology Czech ZK 2 2T winter
312GAAH Game Art and Art Games Czech Tue
Room GD-1
ZK 2 24PS winter and summer
305GF Greenfilming Czech ZK 2 2T winter
308IZT Interactive sound creation
Czech Z 2 summer Subject is not scheduled
303NFK2 Non fiction camera: new trends 2 Czech Z 1 18SS winter
303NFK1 Non-fiction camera: new trends 1 Czech Z 1 18SS winter
305P1 Pitching 1 - KP English Z 2 2SO winter
309MAN1 Possibilities of Animation 1 Czech Z 2 24PS winter
376QC Quirky Cinema of Wes Anderson (& others) English Wed
Room No. 7
ZK 2 4PO summer
373RMH Recorded Music Histories English Z 2 2PT winter
373RMH2 Recorded Music Histories 2 English Mon
Projection Room
Z 2 2PT summer
376TST Television series through the lens of feminist theories Czech ZK 2 2PT winter
376VPSK The Century of the Camera Czech Z 2 2PT winter
303ZAS1 The Variety of Documentary Film Genres 1 Czech ZK 2 2ST winter
303ZAS2 The Variety of Documentary Film Genres 2 Czech Thu
Room No. 217
ZK 2 2ST summer
308STZT Theory of Sound Production Seminar Czech Z 3 2ST winter