Optional Study Subjects

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
204ASD1 Alternative World Theatre in the 20th and 21st Century 1 English, Czech Mon
Z 2 2T
204ASD2 Alternative World Theatre in the 20th and 21st Century 2 English, Czech ZK 2 2T
204DES1 History of Stage Design 1 Czech Tue
Z 1 2T
204DES2 History of Stage Design 2 Czech ZK 1 2T
204IMT1 Intermedia Creation and Technology 1 Czech Fri
ZK 3 6T
204IMT2 Intermedia Creation and Technology 2 Czech ZK 3 6T
204MMP1 Multimedia in performance practice 1 Czech Thu
Z 1 28
204HAK1 Music Activity (Chorus, Orchestra) 1 English, Czech Tue
Z 1 2T
204HAK2 Music Activity (Chorus, Orchestra) 2 English, Czech Z 1 2T
204HNA1 Music Studies 1 Czech Z 1 1T
204HNA2 Music Studies 2 Czech ZK 1 1T
203RSS1 Seminar of Stage Direction and Scenography 1 Czech Z 2 2T
204SES1 Stage Design Seminar 1 Czech Tue
Z 1 2T
204SES2 Stage Design Seminar 2 Czech Z 1 2T
204SVD1 Stage Light Design 1 Czech Z 1 40S
204TRE1 Training 1 Czech Fri
Velký sál
Z 1 2T
204TRE2 Training 2 Czech Z 1 2T
204DLR1 Workshop Implementation 1 Czech Thu
ZK 2 5T
204DLR2 Workshop Implementation 2 Czech ZK 2 5T
204DHP1 Workshop with guest teacher 1 Czech Z 1 15S Z 1 15S
204DHP2 Workshop with guest teacher 2 English, Czech Z 1 15S Z 1 15S
204DHP3 Workshop with guest teacher 3 English, Czech see detail Z 1 15S Z 1 15S