Required Elective Courses B Montage

Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule Completion Credits Range Semester
306ACH1 Archetypes of characters and situations in religions 1
English Z 2 2PT winter Subject is not scheduled
306ACH2 Archetypes of characters and situations in religions 2
English ZK 2 2PT summer Subject is not scheduled
306ALE1 Assistance to Live Editing 1 English Z 2 30S summer
311CID1 Cinemadance 1 English Z 3 50CS winter
311CID2 Cinemadance 2 English see detail Z 3 50CS summer
311CIRM Circulating within The Modern Cinematic Image English ZK 3 4T winter
311CIRP Circulating within The Postmodern Cinematic Image English Tue
Projection Room
ZK 3 4T summer
311CAF Czech Avant-garde Film
English ZK 2 28S summer Subject is not scheduled
306EC3 Editing cooperation 3 English Z 4 100CS summer
306EC4 Editing cooperation 4 English Z 4 100CS winter
311AF History of Avant-garde Film English ZK 3 28S summer
306PIN1 Professional internship 1 English Z 5 50CS winter
306PIN2 Professional internship 2 English Z 3 25CS summer
306SE Sound Editing English ZK 2 26S winter and summer
306SD Sound in Documentary English Z 2 26PS winter
311SAE Soundtrack Aesthetics English Thu
Room No. 3
Z 2 2T summer
306TP2 Teaching Practice 2 English Z 4 15DS winter and summer
311FSPA The History of Film Space English Tue
Room No. 1
ZK 2 2T summer