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Study plan Authorial Acting (B.A.) – 1st year

Study of qualification: Authorial Acting
Study type: Bachelor's Programme
Study plan: overall | 1st year | 2nd year | 3rd year | simplified
tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Povinné předměty hlavní
Authorial Presentation 202ATB1 ZK 2 2T
Authorial Reading 202AUB1 Z 2 2T 202AUB2 Z 2 2T
Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner 202DVP1 Z 2 2T 202DVP2 ZK 2 2T
Minimal number of credits per semester 4 6
Required subjects
Theatre in the Context of the Western Cultural Development I. 207DZA1 ZK 3 2PT 207DZA2 ZK 3 2PT
Philosophical Propaedeutic 202FPO1 Z 2 2T 202FPO2 ZK 2 2T
Authorial Acting 202HPB1 Z 3 4T 202HPB2 ZK 3 4T
Individual Voice Education 202IHB1 Z 1 1T 202IHB2 ZK 2 1T
Interpretation Seminar 202ISB1 Z 2 2T 202ISB2 ZK 2 2T
Speech as Acting 202SRB Z 2 18SS
Theory of Movement Seminar 202STB Z 2 18SS
Group Training of Voice Education 202SHY1 Z 1 2T 202SHY2 ZK 1 2T
Body in Motion 202TVP1 Z 2 2T 202TVP2 Z 2 2T
Introduction to Authorial Acting 1
202UAH1 Z 2 2PT
Introduction to Psychology 202UDP1 Z 2 2T 202UDP2 ZK 2 2T
Speech as Active Communication 202VPB1 Z 1 1T 202VPB2 ZK 2 1T
Awareness in Movement
202VVP1 Z 2 2T 202VVP2 ZK 2 2T
Interest Workshop with the Guest Pedagogue 202ZDP Z 1 24CS
Minimal number of credits per semester 19 18
Povinné předměty s možností opakovaného zapsání
English for Students of Theatre 702DAOU1 ZK 3 2ST 702DAOU2 ZK 3 2ST
Minimal number of credits per semester 3 3
Total number of set credits 26 27
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects 4 3
Total recommended number of credits per semester 30 30