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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
306ALE2 Assistance to Live Editing 2 English Z 2 30CS Z 2 30CS
306AM1 Assisting to Montage 1 English Z 2 Z 2
306AM2 Assisting to Montage 2 English Z 2 Z 2
300MCR Carlos Reygadas and his creative method
English Z 1 4S Subject is not scheduled
306DP3 Department assembly Poněšice 3
English Z 2 30SS Subject is not scheduled
309FIEX1 Experimental animation 1 English Wed
Room No. 416
Z 3 2T
307EPC1 Picture and its context 1 English Thu
Projection Room
Z 2
306TP1 Teaching Practice 1 English Z 2 10DS Z 2 10DS
306TP2 Teaching Practice 2
English Z 4 15DS Z 4 15DS Subject is not scheduled
311TDD Tools of Directing Documentary English see detail Z 2 2T
311TDD2 Tools of Directing Documentary 2 English Z 2 2T
309FIVE1 Visual Expression and figural drawing 1 English Fri
KATaP DAMU 107, 108
Z 3 3T