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Study plan Arts Management (B.A.) – 3rd year

Study of qualification: Production
Study type: Bachelor's Programme
Study plan: overall | 1st year | 2nd year | 3rd year | simplified
tutor code completion ECTS range code completion ECTS range
Required subjects
Copyright Law
206ATR1 Z 2 2PT Subject is not scheduled 206ATR2 ZK 3 2PT Subject is not scheduled
Bachelor seminar 206BKS1 Z 2 2ST 206BKS2 Z 2 2ST
History of Theatre from the Arts Management View
206DPR2 Z 2 2T
Economy of the Theatre Operation 206KDI1 ZK 3 2ST 206KDI2 ZK 3 2ST
Politics of Grants 1
206GPO1 Z 3 2T
The Infrastructure of the Arts 206ISU1 ZK 3 2PT
Project Management
206MGP3 Z 2 24S 206MGP4 Z 2 24S
Management in an Information Society 1 305MVS1 Z 2 2PT
Media Policy and Legislation 1
206MPL1 Z 2 2T
305PR4 ZK 3 2T
English For Theatre And Music Management
702SAP5 ZK 3 2ST
Producing Theatre II.
206PDB1 ZK 3 2T 206PDB2 ZK 3 2T
Advertisement and Communication 1
206RKM1 Z 2 2T
Management of artistic processes
206RUP1 ZK 2 2T
History and Theory of Theatre Seminar 206SOD1 ZK 2 1PT+1ST 206SOD2 ZK 2 1PT+1ST
Contracting practice 206SMR1 ZK 2 2ST 206SMR2 ZK 2 2ST
Theory and Administration of a Multi-group Theatre 1
206SHD1 ZK 3 2T
Symposiums and Conferences III. 1 206SYC1 Z 1 24S
Minimal number of credits per semester 34 20
Compulsory optional subjects
Optional Study Subjects In this group you have to obtain throughout your study at least 8 credits
Minimal number of credits per semester 0 0
Total number of set credits 34 20
Recommended number of credits per semester that should be obtained from optional and compulsory-optional subjects -4 10
Total recommended number of credits per semester 30 30