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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
107ZM1 Basics of Dance Management 1 Czech Z 3
108KTI1 Communication techniques for interpretative Fields 1 Czech Z 1 2T
101KPEA1 Composition Practical of Electroaccoustic and Multimedia Music 1 Czech Z 3 2T
108RSP3 Compositions Analysis for Music production 3 Czech Z 5 2T
101DANA3 Conteporary Acousic Arts - history and analysis 3 Czech Z 3 2T
107CT Cunningham technique English, Czech Z 2 2T Z 2 2T
171ZZTH Fundamentals of Sound Technology for Musicians Czech ZK 1 1T
107HT1 Historical Dances 1 Czech Z 2 2T
101DANA1 History and analysis of contemporary acoustic art 1 Czech Z 2 2T
101IMPE Improvisation and Performance Czech ZK 2 BLOK ZK 2 BLOK
108TI1 Interpretation Theory 1 Czech Z 1 2T
101IP Interpretive Practice Czech Z 1 1T Z 1 1T
171UAH Introduction to acoustics for Musicians Czech ZK 2 2T
186HAS3 Music and word Czech Z 1 2T
186HAS5 Music and word Czech Z 1 2T
186HAS1 Music and word Czech Z 1 2T
108HTM1 Music-theoretical Minimum 1 Czech Z 1 2T
108HTM3 Music-theoretical Minimum 3 Czech Z 1 2T
107KPP1 Pedagogical Psychology 1 Czech Z 3 10PS
107PPII1 Pedagogical Psychology II 1 Czech Z 2 2T
107PEDG1 Pedagogy - for Dance field 1 Czech Z 3 2T
108PED1 Pedagogy 1 Czech Z 1 2T
107PI1 Pilates 1 Czech Z 2 2T
108PSY1 Psychology 1 Czech Z 1 2T
100STUDIO Studio N Czech Z 1 2T Z 1 2T
101ISH The Interpretation of the contemporary Music - practice Czech Z 2 2/LT Z 2 2/LT
185MRIH The rhythmic structures inspired by Indian music English Z 2 4S Z 2 4S