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305P1 Z 2 2SO anglicky zimní

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přednáška, seminář

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The tuition includes a theory part and a hands-on part, and the individual blocks are loosely connected. Students gain the basic knowledge and information in the field of communication and presentation skills, and learn the principal terminology. The objective of the subject is to develop and practice communication and presentation skills required for success in practice. Students will learn presentation techniques and both verbal and non-verbal communication in positive and negative situations. The subject is taught by means of students hands-on work based on theory provided by lecturers. In the hands-on part, students will verify their basic skills when preparing presentations for their own projects. Pitching 2 is the follow-up subject. The subject is taught in English.

Subject schedule:

1.Introductory lesson; What is pitching in audiovisual media; Development, context, options and limits

2.Presentation skills

3.Public Speaking - language preparation

4.Typology of pitching forums (for feature, documentary and animated films),

5.Text material (CV, treatment, synopsis)

6.Visual material (key visual, trailer, teaser, graphics, poster, etc.)

7.Pitching as seen by selectors

8.Methods of negotiation, networking, budgeting, scheduling

9.Basics of economics for self-employed persons - theory part

10.Basics of economics for self-employed persons - hands-on part

11.Teamwork between departments

12.Teamwork between departments

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Credit for attendance (70%) + individual assignment

(completing a written application for a pitching forum - teamwork involving multiple departments)

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