Optional subjects FAMU

Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule Completion Credits Range Semester
373ITT1 Art and Technology of Intermedia 1 Czech ZK 3 4DT winter
373UI Artificial Intelligence in Artistic Practice Czech ZK 3 24SS winter
373CRC1 Creative Coding 1 English Z 2 2ST winter
373DFT1 History of Audiovisual Theory 1 Czech ZK 3 12PS + 12SS winter
373DNM1 New Media History 1 Czech ZK 3 4PT winter
373RMH Recorded Music Histories English Z 2 2PT winter
373SS Sound Studies English Z 2 2ST winter
373UPO The Art of the Moving Image Czech Z 2 3ST winter
373MM2 Thought and Media 2
Czech ZK 2 2ST winter