Optional subjects FAMU

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
309HM5 Acting 5 - Animation and Actor Czech Z 1 15PS+10CS
373REK Applying Aesthetic Categories in Film Czech ZK 2 2PT
373ITT1 Art and Technology of Intermedia 1 Czech ZK 3 6T
373ITTE1 Art and Technology of Intermedia 1 Czech Z 2 4DT
373KD1 Audiovisual Studies: Consultation Workshop 1 Czech Z 1 12DS Z 1 12DS
373KD2 Audiovisual Studies: Consultation Workshop 2 Czech Z 1 12DS Z 1 12DS
312KHD1 Chapters from Game Design 1 Czech Z 3 20PS+4CS
373SF1 Contemporary Philosophy 1 Czech Z 2 2PT
305APR1 Copyright Law 1 Czech Z 1 2T
373SKV Curatorship and Exhibition Seminar Czech Z 2 2ST
312DGH Digital Game Histories English ZK 2 2PT
305EK1 Economics 1 - Microeconomics Czech ZK 2 2T
305VFM Film masterclass English, Czech Z 2 36S
373VU1 Fine Arts 1 Czech ZK 2 2PT
373GE1 Game Engine for Artistic Creation 1 Czech Z 1 4SO
312HS1 Game Scriptwriting 1
Czech Z 2 2ST
373DFT1 History of Audiovisual Theory 1 Czech ZK 3 12PS + 12SS
373IS1 Imaginary Worlds 1 Czech ZK 2 2PT
305PR1 Law 1 Czech ZK 3 2T
373DNM1 New Media History 1 English, Czech ZK 3 4PT
373PI1 Politics of infrastructures 1 Czech Z 2 2ST
373PD1 Screenings and Dialogues 1 Czech ZK 1 2PT
373PD3 Screenings and Dialogues 3 Czech ZK 1 2PT
373PD5 Screenings and Dialogues 5 Czech ZK 1 2PT
305FTS1 Set Design in Film and TV 1 Czech Z 1 12S
305SHR Showrunners English, Czech Z 1 2T
373SOS Sound on Screen English, Czech Z 1 25SS Z 1 25SS
373DCEK1 The History of Czech Cinema 1 Czech ZK 3 6PT
373DSVK1 The History of World Cinema 1 Czech ZK 3 6PT
373DSVK3 The History of World Cinema 3 Czech ZK 3 6PT
373MOM1 The Power of the Image, The Image of Power 1 Czech Z 2 2T
312TIM Theory of Interactive Media Czech Z 2 18PS+6SS
373NMM1 Thought and Media 1 Czech Z 2 2ST
373VR1 Virtual Reality 1 Czech Z 2 4DO