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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
300MAMP Assistance Mentoring programs English, Czech Z 1 30SS Z 1 30SS
300MAVP Audiovisual presentation of a theatrical production DISK Czech 10:45–11:45
Z 1 30SS Z 1 30SS
300MCR Carlos Reygadas and his creative method
English Z 1 4S Subject is not scheduled
300MDCHM Cinematographer Days David Chambille Masterclass English Z 1 30SS
304MCGP Cinematography Guest - Ben Page
English Z 1 2SS Subject is not scheduled
304MCGB Cinematography Guest - Bill Turnley
English Z 1 2SS Subject is not scheduled
304MCG Cinematography Guests
English Z 1 2S Subject is not scheduled
301MK Comedy
Czech Z 1 3PS Subject is not scheduled
300MDKM Critical thinking Czech see detail Z 1 30 SS
303MCAF Czech Amateur film – a cultural phenomenon Czech 10:00–17:00
Projection Room
Z 1 7SS
303MKONS Czech conspiracy filmmaking in contexts Czech 10:00–17:00
Room No. 217
Z 1 7SS
300MDFVV Documentary film as a tool of scientific research and artistic expression Czech 14:30–21:30
Z 1 30SS
303MDOKI Dok.incubator close up Czech see detail Z 2 6SS
303MEXO Ex Oriente Film Workshop English, Czech Z 1 6SS
303MEOFE Ex Oriente Film and East Doc Forum 2022 English
Z 2 8SS
303MHEPK Film acting Czech Z 1 6SS
373MGFTS Gesture of film-making: body and machine - experimental film after 1990 English, Czech 10:00–15:00
Room No. 3
Z 1 6SS
305MGF Green filming in practice Czech Z 1 3S
373MNZM Guided tour in National Museum of Agriculture Czech Z 1 6PS
303MJIH IDFF Ji.hlava Festival English, Czech Z 1 10SS
303MUSFF Introduction to the world of finance for filmmakers Czech 10:00–13:00
Room No. 217
Z 1 4SS
303MIMRK Intuitive wisdom and development creativity
Czech Z 1 10SS Subject is not scheduled
300MARF Jyoti Mistry: Some Propositions in Artistic Research in Film
English Z 1 Subject is not scheduled
303MKUNG Kung-fu of Command Line
Czech Z 2 14SS Subject is not scheduled
304MLFS Large fromat sensor and its impact on film language English Z 1 3S
308MLAVA Lavalier Bootcamp
Czech Z 1 10 P Subject is not scheduled
373MMB Lecture of Merve Bedir English Z 1 5SS
303MMRA Masterclass Rudolf Adler: after 30 years at FAMU Czech Z 1 7SS
303MMSHT Masterclass Sheyla Hayman: Technology and the Human English 14:15–18:00
Projection Room
Z 1 4SS
300MMD Media and document 2021 MFDF Jihlava English, Czech Z 1 30SS
300MPMDW Mentoring programme Michaël Dudok de Wit: Masterclass and film screenings with Q&A English 09:30–16:50
Z 1 30SS
300MBDIC Mentoring programme by Bruno Dumont Screening, masterclasses and individual consultations English, Czech 08:00–18:00
Z 3 90SS
300MBDPM Mentoring programme with Bruno Dumont film screenings and masterclasses English, Czech see detail Z 2 60SS
303MJSCS One World 2022 – Journeys of Freedom English, Czech 17:00–18:30
Room No. 1
Z 1 6SS
311MOAO Opportunities for Foreigners in Czech Film Industry English 09:50–14:45
Room No. 2
Z 1 10SS
303MPNLR Pathology of normality and treatment with radicality Czech Z 2 10SS
300MPCP Pedro Costa presents his own work and films by related authors English Z 1 30SS
307MFW Photographer's workflow
Czech 11:30–12:30
303MPPD Pitching for documentary filmmakers English, Czech Wed
Room No. 211
Z 2 15SS
303MFDV Practice in film and drama education
Czech Z 3 10SS Subject is not scheduled
308MPV "Prague selection" and symphony orchestra; audio format 7.1. Czech Z 1 9SS
300MRNP Respect All the Way English, Czech see detail Z 1 30SS Z 1 30SS
311MRSW Retro Sci-fi Workshop with Tan Bee Thiam and Looi Wan Ping English 09:00–16:00
Room No. 1
Z 1 8SS
305MSF SCOROFILM - Film music conference Czech Z 1 12S
303MKAFO Science communication at the AFO festival English, Czech see detail Z 2 16SS
304MSTE Seminar with Tomas Etzler English 13:00–16:30
Projection Room
Z 1 6P
311MSFNB Short Films by Neill Blomkamp + Q&A English Z 1 3SS
311MST Storyboarding English Z 2 36SS
373MWMF Women Make Film
English Z 1 20S Subject is not scheduled