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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
703FLO Z 1 2T Czech winter and summer

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Name of lecturer(s)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

To introduce student to the, recently, most dynamically developing game giving potential not only for psychological reaction but also sports enjoyment. One of the component aims of this movement activity is making contacts among students in other studies at AMU faculties.

Mode of study

Individual, pair and group playing practice. Fundamental playing rules. Ethics. One's own playing.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Only general psycho-motor skills, Desire to learn and playing enjoyment.

Course contents

The most dynamically developing contemporary team sport allowing a wide-spectrum of students sport and social activity.

Increased mental challenges in the study require greater enjoyment of the aforementioned - reaction, resting, re-charging energy for additional challenging studies.

  1. Introduction to the sport
  2. Learning the basic rules
  3. Learning the playing positions
  4. Teamplay.

Recommended or required reading

SKRUŽNÝ, Zdeněk a kol. Florbal - technika, trénink, pravidla hry, Nakl. Grada 2005

Kysel, Jiří. Florbal - kompletní průvodce. Nakl. Grada 2010

Choutka, Dovalil - Sportovní trénink, Olympia 1991

Assessment methods and criteria

Regular attendance - min. 75% in the semester

Active participation in individual classses, Positive approach

Further information

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